The Government of Singapore (Government Technology Agency and the Ministry of Health) has developed the TraceTogether app to set up a community-driven contact tracing system, which relies on identifying people exposed to persons with Corona virus disease and thus curbing its spreading.

TraceTogether uses Bluetooth signals to determine if the user is near another TraceTogether user. Their Bluetooth proximity data is encrypted and stored only on their phone. The Ministry of Health (MOH) will seek your consent to upload the data, if it’s needed for contact tracing. In case the user has had close contact with a COVID-19 case, TraceTogether facilitates the process to the Ministry of Health to provide the patient with guidance and care. 

The app is available in the city-state, but the Government of Singapore already announced that the app would be shared with countries internationally, as a tool to help control the spreading.TraceTogether supports Singapore’s efforts to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 through community-driven contact tracing. TraceTogether's functionality will be suspended after the epidemic subsides.