The Comunitaria Nord Milano Foundation has launched a fundraising campaign (named #IoStoCoiNonni) to support the most fragilized group during the Covid-19 crisis: the elderly or disabled people, together with the care givers.

The Foundation received early request for masks supply and for digital devices, such as tablets and handsets, to be made available to patients at the retirement homes and healthcare centers in Milan. Over the quarantine period and due to rules for social distancing, patients are deprived of visits from their loved ones, as well as of volunteer animators.

The Foundation thus purchased handsets and tablets so as to make patients talk via video call with their families. Handsets are particularly important given that elderly patients struggle to talk to each other without a phone handset, due to hearing impairments but also for the lack of habit in using tables.
These new devices are relevant not only for the elderly, but also for their families. Video calls are also important because, even if the disability of the patient does not allow a true interaction, it is important for families to see on video their beloved ones.