Aide Covid Grand Lyon

The City of Lyon (France) has implemented "Aide Covid Grand Lyon", a numeric platform that gathers all solidarity initiatives that take place during the corona crisis. Citizens are invited to discover and propose the initiatives through which they can offer help and get assistance. The platform gathers the initiatives initiated by citizens, but also official associations' calls for support and summaries of the financial help schemes available from the local authorities, including the lending of digital material. 
The initiatives are extremely various and are sorted in 5 categories: 

  1. The "Groceries and local consumption" category contains maps of selling points and possibilities in terms of short food supply chains.
  2. The "Kids at Home" category contains many workshops and activities ideas as well as education supports.
  3. The "Solidarities" section contains all the initiatives to help the most vulnerable citizens. 
  4. The "Culture and Sport" category proposes different free physical, cultural and creative online activities.
  5. The "Help for producers" section contains initiatives that aim at supporting farmers to find new prospects and markets for their products.