21 December 2022

The Covid-19 pandemic led to a halt in tourism throughout Europe. Even now, almost 3 years since the start, the sector is still struggling. Strategies to increase tourism have been made, but it’s becoming increasingly important to have more digital and sustainable ways of promoting it. The Intelligent Cities Challenge (ICC) conference, held in Barcelona last month, allowed cities to discuss current and future plans to increase tourism both sustainably and digitally. The European Union (EU) realises that it can be complicated to implement these initiatives with limited funding, so they have developed a guide to help cities and tourism industries get the funding they require.  


What is the guide? 

The guide finds the most appropriate funding for cities and tourism to promote a more digital, sustainable and inclusive EU. It is regularly updated to include links to relevant EU funding programmes, as well as the latest developments and specific information about each one.  


Examples of funding programmes available 

Various funding programmes are available catering to a variety of needs. Currently, there are 17 funding opportunities available, spanning from digital transformation to environment and climate action.  


How to use the guide? 

Step 1: Identify the relevant programs and financial instruments  

  • Check if the city or tourism industry is eligible  

  • Check which activities can receive funding  

  • Check what kind of funding is available.   

Step 2: Download and get familiar with the information package  

Step 3: Find partners, if needed 

Step 4: Submit the application on time 


For more information about the guide and the different available funding options, please visit this webpage: https://single-market-economy.ec.europa.eu/sectors/tourism/funding-guide_en