15 October 2021

Mastering the digital and green transitions and recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic will require a strong and versatile workforce. However, mismatches and shortages in skills are on the rise, whilst simultaneously many people are at risk of unemployment. Skills investment and meaningful action is urgently needed. 

The Intelligent Cities Challenge (ICC) is therefore proud to present the Pragmatic Guide to Reskilling. This comprehensive document sets out strategic guidance on the up- and reskilling of workforces to help cities take pragmatic and powerful action to address this growing issue. 

Originated from the ICC thematic track of Upskilling and Reskilling, this Guide proposes a step-to-step approach to developing a reskilling initiative, provides examples of the experiences of cities, key success factors and lessons learned. Within the Guide, you can find: 

  • Policy context  

  • Description of the phases  

  • Tools and instruments where relevant  

  • Key success factors  

  • Funding models and opportunities  

  • Lessons learned from 20 good practices 

Cities play a major role within local and regional economies in mobilising business, social partners and stakeholders, to commit to working together. Investing in reskilling and implementing a reskilling revolution is a critical investment. This Guide offers the strategic and pro-active approach to manage reskilling of the working age population that cities need. 

Download it now here and take action today!