10 December 2021

The “one stop shop” Tech4Good Marketplace developed as part of the Intelligent Cities Challenge (ICC) by OASC was put on centre stage on the final day of the 4th ICC City Lab. A number of ICC cities took to the floor to share their solutions available on the platform.

The Marketplace’s ultimate ambition to be a powerful marketplace that hosts solutions serving good causes and to act as the single reference point for Tech4Good online were shared by John Lynch from OASC and Dana Eleftheriadou, Head of Cities and Proximity Team, DG GROW, European Commission.

Ms Eleftheriadou also drew connections with the Tech4Good Marketplace and the below initiatives:

Metropolitan City of Capital Rome’s AccaDe Scuola

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, a hybrid e-learning platform was developed for secondary vocational schools, with a local subsidiary company. Representatives from Metropolitan City of Capital Rome (Italy) Gianluca Luciani, Department for European Affairs, and Stefano Carta, Head of the “Services for Vocational Education and Training” and “Services for enterprises and local development” Units gave insights into the successful solution.

This inclusive solution, which has on demand services and facilitation tools, engages all actors, bridges the city’s digital divide and has reduced the school’s drop out rate by 30%, compared to previous years.

Ioannina’s citizen focused solutions (Consultation Platform, Digital Service Provision and Citizens' service via video conference (MyKEPLive))

Konstantinos Soulis, Administration and Organisation Consultant from City of Ioannina (Greece), presented the three solutions available from his city on the Marketplace:

  • The Consultation Platform – which enhances the citizen’s participation and contribution to the public discussion concerning the City Hall’s - has already had 9 consultations and registered 121 users.
  • The Digital Service Provision (which provides digital services for the Financial Department) is undergoing new design structure to ensure that citizens and organisations/institutions’ different needs are being continually met.
  • MyKEPLive has significantly reduced the need for citizens to physically attend the Municipality’s Citizen Service Centres, over 150 services are now able to be offered remotely.

Molina de Segura’s Air Quality and Noise Monitoring Solution

Paco Barnes, Director ICT, City of Molina de Segura, and Antonioa Jara, CEO, HOP Ubiquitous S.L, presented the solutions developed hand in hand by Molina de Segura and company HOPU. HOPU works with 55 cities on the development of sustainable and smart city platforms and has shared some of its products on the Marketplace.

Molina de Segura’s solution tackles air quality and noise monitoring. Sensors, which were calibrated in a laboratory, and are supported by the use of Artificial Intelligence algorithms, provide high-quality data which allows the city to successful monitor and act accordingly to real time needs.

Tampere’s digital solutions – Tampere.Finland, Open Data Portal Tampere, Digital Twin

The following representatives from Tampere (Finland), Seppo Haataja, Director, Smart Tampere Programme, Markku Niemi, Senior Business Advisor, Business Tampere and Anni Joela, Project Manager, Smart Tampere shared the city’s advancements:

  • Tampere.Finland is the result of an innovation partnership procurement and allows citizens to access a range of tools in one place, including: a Mobility Carbon Footprint Calculator, library cards, recycling services, up to date information on events, attractions and much more.
  • Open Data Portal Tampere allows the energy savings caused by solar power to be estimated in building.
  • Digital Twin offers a test area to allow automated mobility solutions to be developed.


The positive experiences of cities with the Marketplace marked the conclusion of the session, Ms Joela stated that it is “A good place to share knowledge and get information”. Whilst Mr Soulis explained how quick and easy it was to use and the sense of fulfilment it provides, “You hope that the solution that has added value for you, has added value for someone else”.

Cities or enterprises can upload solutions and products to the Marketplace here.