30 May 2022

The European Commission adopted a new industrial strategy to help EU industry lead the green and digital transformations in March 2020. In response to this objective, the Commission launched transition pathways co-created with stakeholders. Now, the Transition Pathway for Tourism is calling for commitments and participation by the end of May 2022.

The Transition Pathway for Tourism is the first pathway prepared for the industrial ecosystem. Tourism was specially selected because of its high economical value for the European Union, the numerous sustainable and digital challenges it faces and the strong hit it felt from the COVID-19 crisis. One of the goals of this pathway is thus to leverage the recovery from COVID-19 and improve resilience. The Transition Pathway for Tourism gathers 70 actions grouped under key topic areas such as digital transition, green transition, policy and governance, stakeholder, skills and resilience.

Following the publication of the Transition Pathway for Tourism in February, the European Commission launched a Call for Commitments intended for all stakeholders of the tourism industry. The sole purpose of this Call for Commitments is to show evidence that stakeholders of the tourism ecosystem are committed to the objectives of the Transition Pathway and taking concrete actions. And secondly, to help recognise key areas for EU-level support work of the stakeholders and to address gaps.

You can submit your commitments and pledges* directly online under this link. Guidelines are available to walk you through the process of submission. During the application process, you will have to choose between 27 topics which ones apply to your commitment or pledge and detail the vision and concrete action your organisation will take to meet its targets.

The first deadline to submit your commitments and pledges is set for 31 May 2022 and the pledges will be published around mid-June. The online survey will stay open after this date and organisations are welcome to keep submitting afterwards as there will be updates in the future.

The Intelligent Cities Challenge join the European Commission in its Call for Commitments and encourage all ICC cities to answer this call. As the end of the Call for Commitments is near, the ICC will suggest to any cities and organisations to submit commitments and submit their pledges once they will be developed. By submitting a commitment or pledge, the ICC cities will be joining the submissions from all types of organisations around Europe.


* Commitments are published expressions of support by an organisation, pledges gather concretely defined actions with measurable targets for following its implementation and progress.