The health services of the City of Vienna (Austria) have commissioned Atos, a leader in digital transformation to develop and deploy an Epidemic Management System (EMS).

The system allows the City staff to be updated on the spread of the infectuous diseases and to better control them. A digital platform called EpiSYS stocks and manages data from patients, and assures the real-time follow-up of the cases. It helps the medical staff to identify the patients at risk, but also to consult and centralize the information on the patients.

EpiSYS was initially created in 2015, but a new version was available from March 2020, optimized and adapted to the specificities of the coronavirus pandemic. The new version helps the medical staff to better identify the patients at risk. 

The main advantage of the platform is its capability to handle and document automatically all the proccesses associated with the monitoring of an epidemic - from the detection of the first symptoms to the coordination and communication between all relevant stakeholders. Additionally, the patient-tracing option allows to list all the people that are susceptible to be infected.