Amsterdam Smart City

In response to the ongoing debates and criticisms on the tracing apps used to limit the spread of the coronavirus, Amsterdam Smart City is organizing an online conference on the topic. The discussion will target the new Dutch contact tracing app, but also involve stakeholders from other countries who have been developing or evaluating similar apps.
This event is open to anyone, and aims at convincing people as the app's success and efficiency in limiting covid-19 will be highly dependent of the Dutch people's understanding and use of the app. Hence, many topics will be covered: How important is the app for governments? How does the app help regular contact tracing? How does it put people in the center of technology? How have their contact-tracing apps been effective? What can your countries learn from each other? Can their positive results convince people to use the app? How important is it that people will use the app? And what strategies do governments have to enthuse people to use them?