The City of Nice has established a partnership with AlloCOVID, a voice assistant based on Artificial Intelligence to foster telemedicine.

AlloCOVID is able to understand speeches, interpret it and deliver a diagnostic. The voice assistant is available H24 every day of the week at a free phone number. Through a series of questions it will determine if the patient calling has the symptoms of the coronavirus and guide him/her accordingly. As it can handle a maximun of a 1000 simultaneous phone calls, AlloCOVID aims at relieving the medical emergency number that is receiveing many calls. The call is totally anonymised, except for the postal code. This information will be used to detect potential new contamination hubs and limit the second wave of the epidemic.

AlloCOVID was developped by the start-up Allo-Media in collaboration with researchers of the INSERM. The next step for the AlloCOVID tool is its integration to the messages application Whatsapp, which will allow citizens that are not able to make a call to use the voice assistant.